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"This is brilliant! I have never seen anything like it. This is a game-changer for sure!"

- Jason T
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"This is brilliant! I have never seen anything like it. This is a game-changer for sure!"

- Jason T

Want to Start Generating Beautifully Designed Custom Wireframe Templates on Clickfunnels  Today?

Yes! I'm ready to start using Template Builder to help me fast-track the process of building a funnel on Clickfunnels by building me fully customized wireframe templates for Clickfunnels. I also understand that Template Builder is normally $1,200 for a full years access - but when I purchase today I'll get life-time access to Template Builder for only one payment of $297.

I Understand That When I Act Now, I'll Get Instant 24/7 Access to Template Builder, Which Means I'll Be Able To:

  • Generate Unlimited Wireframe Templates on Clickfunnels (save hours planning out the layouts of your funnel pages... you'll save more time and make more money faster)
  • Customize Your Templates Section by Section (get a template that's custom built for your exact product / service... you can forget about buying rigid CF templates that don't accommodate your specific needs)
  • Automatically Load Your Templates Into Your Clickfunnels Account (save the time of building it yourself... you'll be able to put your template to work in minutes)
  • Select from 4 Different Goals (Lead Gen, Webinar Signup, Sales Page, Sales Page + Order Form) (choose from sections that are engineered specifically for that goal... you can shortcut the process of building your funnels even further)
  • 24/7 Access to the Template Builder Dashboard (generate fully customized wireframe templates for Clickfunnels... you can shortcut your funnel building process from anywhere at any time)

Omar Farook made a little under $350k in one month using the page he built out on Template Builder!

Template Builder Let's You Shortcut Your Funnel Building Process on Clickfunnels...

Are you still spending days and sometimes weeks building out a funnel?

It's okay, I use to as well.

I would sit down at my desk, with a goal in mind...

"Okay, I'm gonna design a landing page for this real estate agent."

I'd sit there.

10 minutes would go by.

20 minutes.

30 minutes.

2 hours later, I'd still be sitting there with a blank screen.

I couldn't figure out how to layout my page properly.

I knew how the colors and typography on the page would be..

I knew what the conversion goal of the page would be...

I just didn't know where to put what.

I realized something...

Most funnel builders I knew would spend a gross amount of time on this step....

For some reason, it's just not that easy to envision layouts sometimes.

It wasn't till I started studying hundreds of landing pages everyday and taking notes of things like...

- How they structured certain types of information

- How big they made text in some sections, and not other

- How they laid images and text in tandem to convey the sales message instead of overwhelming the user

I then spent 3 days building out as many sections as I could on Clickfunnels and saving them so I could use them in the future:

After seeing all of these sections laid out in front of me in such a friendly manner, I realized how modular these sections could really be...

I could literally build out a landing page by cherry-picking one section at a time, stacking them on top of one another, and then creating a full fledged landing page from it...

And that my friends, is how Template Builder was born.

Cut Out Hours Of Trying to Figure Out Layout & Styling Your Elements, Rows, & Sections

Template builder helps you shortcut the process of building out a landing page on Clickfunnels. Instead of wasting hours trying to style and structure your page properly, you can use Template Builder to restyle Clickfunnels elements to look more modern and help you generate a fully customized layout geared towards your needs.
  • Over 93 Pre-Styled Sections (You can select from many variations of every section type, like headers, benefit sections, testimonials, and more...)
  • Completely Styled with Spacing, Sizing, & Image Placement (let's face it.. a lot of the default elements and settings in Clickfunnels are 'old-school' - Template Builder injects special custom CSS into every template you build that restyles CF's elements to look more modern in 2020)
  • 100% Mobile Optimized From the Start (One of the most annoying things about building a funnel on Clickfunnels is having to mobile optimize the entire thing at the end... Templates generated by Template Builder are ALL automatically mobile-optimized from the very start)
  • All You Need To Do Is Change Text & Images (After generating your template, it will literally take you only minutes to go through and upload your own images and copy for your landing page - it's literally the fastest way to build on Clickfunnels! Checkout the image below to see a template that was customized in under 10 minutes)

Checkout what Naveen built on his first try using Template Builder in record times...

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Watch a Quick Demo of Template Builder Below

But Neel, why wouldn't I just buy pre-made templates from the CF Marketplace?

Let be honest with eachother for a second.

In case you've ever bought a pre-made template before, you know it can be a pretty massive pain.

The template isn't built with your needs in mind.

Maybe you know you need 3 sections with an image accompanied by text...

But the template only has 2?

Or what if you need a template with a video in the header...

But the template only has an image?

In my personal experience, I've wasted hours in  editing and recreating parts of a template that I purchased for several hundred dollars because it didn't fit my exact needs.

I ended up having to PAY to spend MORE time editing a template.
A good way to think of Template Builder is like the "Funnel Scripts" of funnel design..

It's like an evergreen funnel template.

It allows you to build unlimited templates that are geared for your exact needs, for the price of one normal template from the CF Marketplace.

That means that for only one payment of $297, you'll get unlimited templates for all your future funnel build projects so you can save more time and make more money.


All Pre-Built Sections Inside of Template Builder Were Built & Styled By Me

Every single pre-built section inside of DesignPosts was designed, styled, and built by me! (Neel Sarode)

You can see a bit of what the quality of my work looks like above.

I wanted to make Template Builder platform that guaranteed that whatever was built on it, was beautiful. 

That's why I painstakingly spent too much time styling, spacing, and sizing every element in every section on Template Builder to look as good as possible on Clickfunnels.

So what are you waiting for?

This Exclusive Lifetime Discount Won't Be Around Much Longer

Get Instant 24/7 Access to the Template Builder For Only $297 Right Now Only

Template Builder is normally $1,200 for 1 years access

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

The best part? You can test drive Template Builder risk-free today. If you don’t absolutely love Template Builder and think that this isn't the absolute best way to shortcut your funnel building process, I'll refund your entire $197 payment.

Yup, that’s right! Just email me at with the email you purchased with and I’ll give your money back, no questions asked!

Sounds Fair? Get life-time access by clicking the button:

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